My English bulldog, Memphis, suffered from genetic mites. The mites caused her skin to become irritated and her hair to fall out. After two failed attempts by the vet, I brought Memphis to the Sassy Pet Spa to try the vitamin shower and sterilization dry room. Her hair grew back completely and now eight months later, I am still a happy customer of the Sassy Pet Spa.
- Britany Motnik, Quakertown, PA

I have a 12 year old Miniature Schnauzer. He gets groomed every 6 weeks. My groomer used the Vitamin Shower on him. I didn't know she was going to use anything new on him, (but) when I picked him up, I couldn't believe how soft and shiny he was. I told her he has never been this soft in his life! I can't stop petting him.
-Kay Wilson, Louisville, OH

I have been using the Vitamin Shower for about 2 months and have noticed my short coated breeds seem to really shine with this product (KoKos Pet Vitamin Shower).
- Tracy Cline, Groomer, Canton, OH

I am a pet groomer and I have found that when I use KoKos vitamin shower my dogs are very soft like they have been conditioned, yet they haven't. I haven't been using it long enough for my clients to probably notice the difference, but I am very pleased with this product.
- Mary S. Vogel, Friendsville, MD

My pet's coat was extremely shiny and healthy after using the vitamin shower! I also saw a noticeable difference in her dry skin, which has remained healthy still weeks after the vitamin shower.
- Anna Proper, Upperco, MD

I have a 2 year old yorkie. His coat gets matted very easily. Since using the vitamin shower, and new dryer, his coat seems to be much softer, and he is easier to brush. He definitely looks better and his coat looks fuller.
- Vicky Goodson, Hampstead, MD

My yorkie's skin was dry and he scratches a lot. The texture of his hair (also) seemed dry to me. Since using the KoKos vitamin shower, I am noticing a reduction in scratching, his skin does not appear to be as dry, and his coat is definitely softer and fuller. I am very pleased and will continue to use the product.
- Vicky Goodson, Hampstead, MD

I own 2 shelties that I was brushing every day. Since I've been bathing in the vitamin shower, and new dryer, their coats have been much softer and easier to manage now.
- Joann Woytovich, New Windsor, MD